connectionofthingsUnited Earth Networks offers a wide range of production services—from consulting to marketing to complete operational and creative execution. 

Our Consulting: Includes advice drawn from our decades-long experience in producing Live Aid-like concerts, with production expertise in live link-ups and feeds, scripting, recording, filming and delivery systems as well as project cultivation. Our marketing utilizes a vast array of media outlets to provide broad promotion for each of our unique clients.

Live Events Coordination: A specialty of ours. Work with clients to fully conceptualize the live event, adding our aesthetic and technical expertise, then coordinating and executing, with post event follow up. Small to large. Includes booking talent, marketing, live broadcasts, filming, post event packaging.

Filming and Taping: We plan and produce film or high-end digital taping using conventional or 3-D cameras. On location or sound stage. Post production includes graphics imaging and segment-creation for events or recorded projects.

Production Coordination: Coordinating with all producers involved in an event for efficiency, budgeting concerns and maximum impact.

Audio Processing: Taking recorded audio to greatest immersion experience with leading edge spatial and environmental effects.

Philanthropic Productions: UEN’s complete range of production expertise put toward nonprofit fundraising and development.