Richard Lukens

Rick Lukens

Richard Lukens believes that peace and understanding deserve a bigger stage in our world.

The genius of Richard Lukens is in orchestrating concerts and festivals paired with a higher mission. He’s a veteran producer of dozens of big events and the simulcasts that connect them to millions across the planet.

In a world where people spend precious time and money on their love of live music, Lukens’ productions build emotional bonds in the audience for deserving causes: world peace, the environment, and human rights. Sponsors and brands that help foot the bill also build affinity for their products and services.

A “next-stage” communications technology pioneer, Richard Lukens is a key innovator, combining landmark live events with the latest real-time media streams. He simulcasted some of the world’s largest and best-known “events-with-a-cause,” to share the live experience across the globe.

Lukens’ long and deep connections to social and political leaders of the world grants them access to audiences, artists, and sponsors.

Rick Lukens dreams of “What can be,” and backs it with vast practical know-how for getting the job done.

The world needs leaders such as Richard Lukens to guide emerging new-paradigm communications technologies to flourish, and achieve excellence in connecting people in new ways. He says, “When we stage an event where people can share their culture and knowledge, understanding builds, and barriers fall.”

Career Accomplishments

Milestone concert events have captured the world’s imagination time and time again, and pushed simulcast and streaming technology beyond what seemed possible. From LIveAid onward, big events with a mission have proven that big names on stage will deliver big ideas to the hearts and minds of millions.

Probably no other person has been as successful in the production of such events as Richard Lukens

Founder and CEO of United Earth Networks
, a global network of individuals who provide extraordinary talent and solutions to professional gatherings, conventions, expositions, concerts, conferences, festivals, live television, recorded video and cinematic events.

International Director, LiveAid
. The event featured the top stars in the music industry and was viewed by 1.5 billion people in 150 countries, raising over $140 million for African famine relief. Charity concerts ever since have been modeled after this event. Richard Lukens met with political leaders in Russia, China and India and developed and managed international participation in and global distribution of the historic LiveAid concert broadcast.

Associate Producer, Amnesty International, Human Rights Now! Tour
, featuring Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, and Sting. Richard Lukens took the Amnesty International message for the first time to the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union. This led to the first official delegation of Amnesty International officials to visit and meet with Soviet officials regarding human rights issues.

International Producer, The Hunger Project 10th Year Anniversary
. This production was the first live satellite broadcast special event ever held in the People’s Republic of China.

Producer, Groundwork 2001; Executive Producer, Groundwork 2001
. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Adobe Systems sponsored this series of five music concerts, held in Seattle/Washington area venues. The concerts featured more than 20 top name artists including Dave Matthews, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, and Alanis Morissette in a benefit event, raising more than $1 million for the FAO’s TeleFood program. Two 90-minute television specials were broadcast to an international viewing audience numbering in the hundreds of millions.

International Producer, US Festival I & II
. Attended by more people than Woodstock, the two three-day concert event and technology exhibit sponsored by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, featured the top names in rock music. Richard Lukens conceived and produced the first two international and interactive satellite TV “space-bridges” between the United States and the former Soviet Union, a communications breakthrough recognized as an historic milestone in U.S–Soviet relations.

Executive Producer, International Year of the Mountain Special Television Event
. United Earth Networks produced two live events and a television special shot on location at the famous Tenkawa Shrine and on the slopes of Japan’s Mt. Fuji. The live concert events and TV special helped celebrate and bring attention to the themes of the United Nations International Year of the Mountains, which include respect of indigenous people and protection of the world’s mountain environments.

Producer, Mothers of the Earth for World Peace
. Served as producer of an international conference in Vienna, Austria for Nobel Peace Prize awardee, Betty Williams. Nearly 400 people attended the conference, spotlighting women who are leaders in the fight for children’s welfare around the world.

Producer, Children Under Siege
. This all-star benefit concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for the Gorbachev Foundation/USA resulted in a $1 million relief package for the children of Bosnia-Herzegovina during the Balkan war.

Producer, Spacebridge San Diego, California/Vladivostok, Russia
. An exciting and first-time live interactive television program commemorating the opening of Vladivostok to the world, after forty years of self-enforced isolation by the Soviet Union. The event won a Readers’ Digest/Sister Cities International Award for the most creative communications project of the year.

Producer, Far Eastern Regional Congress of Russian Business Circles
. Producer of the unprecedented, first annual conference of private Russian business leaders held in Vladivostok, during the winding down of the Cold War.

Executive Producer, West Coast Tour of Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Exhibit
. United Earth Networks produced ten events to introduce U.S. consumers to Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicles at state fairs throughout the West.

Co-Producer, White House Conference on the Environment
. Project Manager for the White House Conference on Science & Economic Research Related to Global Change. Richard Lukens oversaw and produced key aspects of this international gathering of 300 delegates from 19 countries, convened by former President George H.W. Bush.

Executive Producer, The Imperial Bells of China I & II
. Two 30-city North American tours were produced, featuring a troupe of over 80 performers. This was the first time this “national treasure of China” was seen in the West.

Technology Collaborator, PicoStar LLC (an incubator organization), Palo Alto, CA
. Research and development of capture, compression, transmission and playback technologies for digital media over the Internet.

Executive Producer, Craneway Pavilion, San Francisco Bay
. Produced and supervised twelve major cultural events and festivals with up to 3,000 participants in this 40,000 sq ft. iconic landmark venue on the Bay. Events included Union Festival and Global Sol, plus more than 25 concerts.