connectionofthingsLive special events are unsurpassed for creating connections between people, artists and brands.

And the kind of events that capture global attention and stand out in history take an impressive combination of experience, drive and creativity to produce. This is where United Earth Networks steps in with brilliance, combining world-class relationship management with the production of artfully orchestrated special events.

For more than thirty years, United Earth Networks (UEN) has provided an extraordinary depth of talent and solutions to major concerts, conferences, festivals, professional gatherings, conventions, expositions, and live interactive television. Using the latest technologies to bring the live experience to the world beyond the concert arena, UEN specializes in crafting a compelling presence for causes deserving attention: world peace, the environment, arts and culture, and human rights. UEN works at the cutting edge of global advancement, assembling technological, social and political leaders to create positive change.

Production mastery, vast experience, deep talent, and world-class events delivered within budget—this is United Earth Networks.